Flexible rectosigmoidoscopy is an examination of the final part of the large intestine (sigmoid intestine and rectum) with a flexible optical instrument (colonoscope) that enables a detailed examination of all the structures of the mentioned part of the large intestine.

How is it performed?

In order to take the correct position, you will be asked to lie on the bed on your left side with your knees bent towards your chest. The doctor will do a digitorectal examination to check for blood, mucus or stool.

Rectosigmoidoscopy is performed in cases of bleeding from the colon, i.e. the appearance of blood or mucus in the stool, due to frequent absences of stool that can last for several days, as well as due to the appearance of diarrhea with mucus admixtures. During the examination, minor discomfort, bloating or pain may be felt in the area of ​​the large intestine or in the abdomen.

During the examination, polyps can be painlessly removed (polypectomy) and thus prevent the formation of tumors. It is sometimes indicated to take biopsije (uzorak sluznice za analizu).

Who needs it?

In persons in whom there is doubt about the existence of tumor and other lesions, and primarily in patients over 50 years old.


The basic prerequisite for a good examination is that the intestine is clean. When scheduling an examination, you will receive oral and written instructions for preparation.

Rectosigmoidoscopy under general or local anesthesia

In our institution “PLAVA MEDICAL GROUP"you can do a rectosigmoidoscopy

  • general anesthesia (analgo-sedation with the presence of an anesthesiologist)
  • local anesthesia (search in the awake and conscious state)

We perform the search on a modern Olympus Evis Exera III camera

  • provides sophisticated image quality
  • you get the result containing the images immediately after the search is completed

We are the first in the region to perform insufflation with CO2

Advantages of insufflation with CO2 compared to atmospheric air

  • significantly less bloating and pain during and after the procedure

Rectosigmoidoscopy is performed by a doctor, subspecialist gastroenterologist, endoscopist Admir Kurtćehajić, MSc.

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