Job risk assessment

In order to protect the health of employees and prevent injuries and illnesses from occupational diseases, we are now able to offer you a workplace risk assessment service, which is mandatory for all employers, according to the Law on Occupational Safety of the FBiH from 2020.

 It is a procedure that determines the level of danger, harm and effort in terms of injury at work, occupational disease, and disturbances in the work process that could cause harmful consequences for the safety and health of workers.

Based on the risk assessment, the employer is obliged to apply occupational safety rules, preventive measures, organize and implement work and production procedures, i.e. methods, and undertake other activities to prevent and reduce the exposure of workers to established risks, in order to ensure a better the level of protection at work.

Risk assessment of workplaces consists of:

  • data collection at the workplace,
  • analysis and assessment of collected data,
  • a plan of measures to eliminate or reduce danger, harm, effort,
  • documenting the risk assessment

To arrange an appointment, inquire about the price and all other information, feel free to contact us via email info@plavapoliklinika.ba or by calling the number 035 393 111.

The service is available on the entire territory of FBiH.

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