IVF center - examination of marital infertility

Blue Hospital Center has grown into a center to which women of all ages can confidently entrust their most intimate health. Organizationally, it is set up in such a way that it can take complete care of women's health, from standard gynecological examinations, through gynecological operations (laparoscopic and classical), IVF center, pregnancy management, and modern maternity ward.

The employed doctors' experience, expertise, and dedication are the most responsible for the fact that the Blue Hospital Center has become the center of infertility diagnostics and treatment in a pleasant environment with an individual approach and commitment to preserving privacy. It is important to point out that the most advanced methods of assisted reproduction are applied at Plava Hospital Centar, which were developed to treat marital infertility as efficiently as possible, after the following procedures:

  • all laboratory tests necessary for the diagnosis of marital infertility, including the examination of hormonal status
  • determining the patency of the fallopian tubes - X-ray HSG
  • examination of spermiogram and treatment aimed at increasing the number and mobility of spermatozoa
  • insemination - the best spermatozoa are inserted into the uterus through a catheter.
    hysteroscopy (diagnostic and therapeutic)
  • laparoskopija (dijagnostička i terapijska)
  • IVF - egg fertilization is done with the highest quality spermatozoa.
  • ICSI (microinjection) – the highest quality sperm are injected into the egg.

It is important to point out that at Plava Hospital Centar, all laboratory tests necessary for examining the infertility of married couples can be performed in one place, which is a rarity in other laboratories and a great advantage for all couples who choose Plava Polyclinic as a partner in infertility treatment.

Indications for the IVF procedure


  • blocked fallopian tubes

  • pathological findings of the spermiogram

  • long marital infertility

  • immune factors

  • infertility of unknown cause

Steps of the IVF process

  • consultations
  • examination
  • improving the quality of egg cells
  • regular controls
  • egg retrieval (OPU)
  • taking a sperm sample for egg fertilization
  • embryo tracking (embryo freezing)
  • embryo transfer (ET)

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