Ethics Committee

Based on Article 75 of the Law on Health Care ("Official newspaper of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina", number 46/10 and 75/13), Article 18 of the Statute of the Private Health Institution Special Hospital "PLAVA MEDICAL GROUP" with Polyclinic Tuzla, the Management Board is at the session held on May 28, 2021, adopted the Decision on the appointment of the Ethics Committee.

The tasks of the Institution's Ethics Committee are:

  • To monitor the application of ethics and medical deontology in the performance of the institution's activities;
  • To give consent to the conduct of medical and scientific tests, clinical tests of drugs and medical devices in the Institution, which are considered a preliminary procedure within the framework of the approval of those tests by the competent authority;
  • To analyze and propose regulations in the field of healthcare from the aspect of ethics and medical deontology;
  • Gives opinions on controversial issues that are important for conducting medical and scientific tests, clinical trials of drugs and medical devices in the Institution;
  • To monitor violations of patients' rights and systematically work to improve the situation in this area by regulations on the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of patients;
  • To cooperate with competent chambers in the field of health
  • To resolve other ethical issues in the domain of the Institution's activities.

The following were appointed as permanent members of the Ethics Committee:

  1. Prim.dr.Senada Hujdurović, the president
  2. Dr. Džemal Garagić, mr.sci.med. – Deputy President
  3. Acc.prof. dr.sci.med. Enver Zerem – member
  4. Prof.dr.sci.med. Nermina Kravić – member
  5. Dr. Admir Kurtćehajić, mr.sci.med.. – member
  6. Dr.Amra Delić, mr.sci.med – member
  7. Edin Bukvić, dipl.oecc – member
  8. Meliha Hrustić, dipl.med.sestra – member
  9. Adisa Goletić-Vejzovič, Bachelor of Laws - member

Documents for the ethics committee

"PlavaMedical Group" policies and procedures

Read / study the policies and procedures, and submit a request in accordance with the same.

Request to the ethical committee of Plava Medical Group

Request to the head of the organizational unit where the scientific research activity is planned, Plava Medical Group

Statement of the applicant

Submit the request with the accompanying documentation in the electronic form to the email: pravnik@plavopoliklinika.ba, and in printed form (large envelope) in person or by mail to the protocol (reception) of the branch.

Medical institution Blue Polyclinic,
3 Tuzlanska Brigada, Br 7, 7500 Tuzla.
recipient: Legal Department / Ethics Committee.

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