NEW: With a health card, perform a coronary angiography with the possibility of installing stents!


Chest pain that occurs as a result of physical effort or emotional stress is the most common symptom Angine pektoris, ishemijske bolesti srca.  U pitanju je bolest koronarnih arterija, koja uzrokuje srčani udar, ukoliko se ne počne liječiti na vrijeme.

The diagnosis of ischemic heart disease is most accurately established by coronary angiography. It is a quick and painless procedure that allows the doctor to see exactly where the coronary arteries are narrowed or closed, and in the case of an acute heart attack, it can literally save your life.

Thanks to the cooperation with the FBiH Health Insurance Institute, this completely painless method can now be performed in our institution at the expense of health insurance, with a prior recommendation from a cardiologist and a certified health card (if you are insured in the FBiH area).

In order to save time, you can perform the diagnostic tests required to indicate coronary angiography u našoj ustanovi

Ultrasound examination of the heart - 100KM

Ultrasound examination of the heart + ergometry - 200KM

Thanks to the professional training of the staff and the most complete medical equipment, complete diagnostics, indication and performance of coronary angiography, as well as stenting in case of need, can be done in one place in the shortest possible time, after which you can continue with your usual activities.

Coronary angiography is performed by a top cardiology team led by an eminent cardiologist Ph.D. Adnan Delić who completed his education in the field of invasive cardiology diagnostics, interventional cardiology and echocardiography at the Clinic for Cardiovascular Diseases of the University Clinical Center Tuzla, and was also partially educated in Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Poland and Germany. 

Bearing in mind that diseases of the cardiovascular system are the main cause of mortality in Bosnia and Herzegovina, timely reporting to a cardiologist is the duty of every patient who experiences disturbances. Coronary angiography is the first step in accurate diagnosis that will help treat these serious heart diseases in time.

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