Operacija hemoroida: riješite se bolnih i neugodnih hemoroida zauvijek!


If you have noticed that your stool is covered with bright blood, blood on the toilet paper or on the toilet bowl; if you felt pain around the anus, if the entire area around the anus is sensitive, painful and itchy - then you probably have hemorrhoids.

You should know that hemorrhoids cannot be cured by any ointments, suppositories, poultices or salves known today. In this way, it is only possible to remove the symptoms (symptoms) of the disease for a short time, but the disease still remains and develops, and the only question is how soon the symptoms will reappear.

It is necessary to seek the help of a doctor, without hesitation, because waiting can worsen your condition and reduce the effectiveness of therapy. You need a proctological examination, which is completely painless and lasts only about 10 minutes. If the examination reveals that you have grade III or IV hemorrhoids, the best and most permanent solution is surgery.

In Blue Polyclinic we perform hemorrhoid surgeries with the help of a device Ligasure, of the latest generation, which allows us to refer you to home treatment just a few hours after the operation and return you to normal life activities in the shortest possible time. With this procedure, we operate both external and internal hemorrhoids. It should be emphasized that this is the "method of choice" for all bleeding hemorrhoids and that in our long-term experience we have had no cases of recurrence, which is why we definitely recommend this method as a unique procedure.

Another advantage of this procedure is the easy and relatively painless postoperative course. It can be done under local anesthesia and analgosedation, which are safer for you than general anesthesia. Thanks to our state-of-the-art device Ligasure, hemorrhoid surgery is possible for significantly less bleeding, which is why the procedure takes less time - with fewer complications. Due to the mentioned benefits, this device is today found in all operating rooms in the developed world, unlike the laser, which has proven to be excellent in dermatology, but has not yet found its place in hemorrhoid surgery. It has been confirmed that the laser does not cause less pain after surgery, but more often leads to complications and significantly increases the cost of the operation. We offer you only tested, world-class methods, so don't wait for your condition to worsen, schedule your examination at the number: 035 393 111.

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