Bezbijedno sunećenje Vašeg djeteta u lokalnoj i opštoj anesteziji!


There are many reasons why you should circumcise your boy, the main one being that circumcision significantly improves penile hygiene and prevents various diseases. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, in addition to health and religious reasons for which most parents circumcise their boys, circumcision is also a part of culture and tradition. Circumcision is painless because it is done under local or general anesthesia.

Before tanning, our doctor will explain the tanning procedure itself and the method he will use. The method of circumcision sometimes depends on the age of the boy. If the child is older than 3 months, you can circumcise him in our institution under local anesthesia, under sterile conditions. The advantage of local anesthesia is a lower degree of risk when it comes to the condition of your boy's lungs, heart and other vital organs. The end result is always the same, which is that the excess foreskin is completely, adequately and painlessly removed.

It is very important that the circumcision is performed by an expert and that the parents follow the doctor's post-operative instructions in detail on how to care for the newly circumcised boy's penis. Better hygiene is achieved by sunbathing, and better hygiene certainly means better health.

A study conducted in boys up to 3 months of age shows that of the 75% of boys with urinary tract infections, even 95% of them were uncircumcised boys. Circumcision reduces the risk of HIV infection and human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, which can cause cervical cancer and penile cancer.

After circumcision, your child will be protected for life against impurities, infections, bacteria, and various sexual and urinary diseases that can threaten overall health.

You have no reason to worry, because for over twenty years we have been performing tanning in an expert, professional and safe manner under local and general anesthesia, so the procedure itself only takes ten minutes and in a couple of days it is as if nothing had happened. Schedule your appointment by calling the number: 035 393 111. Let your baby be in safe hands!

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