4D heart ultrasound for adults


Blue polyclinic is the only institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina that owns the Siemens ACUSON SC2000 ultrasound machine, which is currently a hit in to the world of cardiology.

4D ultrasound of the heart - the device that changed it echocardiography. Plava polyclinic is the only institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina that owns ultrasound machine Siemens ACUSON SC2000, which is currently a hit in the world cardiology. We are happy that we managed to acquire a device of such a special class we pay attention to the education of our doctors.

4D heart ultrasound has powerful hardware and software performance, data transfer rate of 2.88 Gb/Sec, 16x higher speed in comparison on top 2d echocardiographic devices, 64 parallel signals thanks MATRIX probes, eSieScan protocols that allow setting of own protocols, eSieMesure protocols that enable automatic measurements, M mode- a program that automatically determines systole and diastole and automatically measures all measurements in three cardiac cycles and calculates the mean value, and PW and CW doppler which automatically orients and measures flow velocity as well as retrograde flow if he exists MR.

This is the first US machine that is able to record 4D without delay in only one cardiac cycle, thus avoiding artifacts and enabling volume imaging of the complete heart 90x90 degrees x 16 cm depth in realtime. eSieLVA protocols allow rapid and accurate assessment of LV with EF ESV EDV FS and regional and global kinetics. eSieRVA protocols enable automatic measurements of systolic and diastolic DV function. The eSiePISA protocol is the first protocol for semi-automatic PISA measurement in 4D. dr. Ahmed Hujdurović is a subspecialist in cardiology and is the backbone of our cardiology office. Among numerous participations in world and European cardiology congresses, we will highlight his education in Vienna. In 2014, Doctor Hujdurović successfully completed his education in the form of a Webinar (advanced school of echocardiography) "Masterclass", but he still has regular monthly Webinars for the past 3 years, continuously following all news about echocardiography in direct video links.

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