VIP Gold Premium


Do you wander from doctor to doctor without the right diagnosis? At Plava Polyclinic, quick and accurate diagnostics are possible, thanks to a holistic and comprehensive approach to health.

VIP Gold Premium is an individualized package of services, which, in addition to a wide range of health services, also includes adaptation to the needs of patients, so that it includes all tests that are necessary for adequate diagnostics. In this way, patients with specific health problems receive special treatment and a multidisciplinary team of doctors (neurologist, internist, gastroenterologist, etc.) is dedicated to them in order to receive accurate diagnostics in the shortest possible time and in one place, without the need to wander from doctor to doctor.

Therefore, if you choose the VIP Gold Premium package, you will receive a detailed diagnosis of your body's condition and further guidelines on how to improve the quality of your own health.

VIP Gold Premium includes:

– 2 days, 1 night in Plava Polyclinic (special treatment, massage)
– 5 to 10 examinations according to individual needs (examination by a gastroenterologist, specialist in internal medicine, cardiologist, doctor of general practice, ophthalmologist, neurologist, gynecologist, etc.)
– clinical processing (TA, ECG, BMI)
– complete lab. processing (kks, se, crp, urine, shuk, HbA1C, etc.)
– RF, Ac. Uricum, ASTO test
hepatitis markers (HBV, HCV), HIV
– Ca markers (CA 19-9, CEA, fPSA / PSA, CA 125)
– inhalant and nutritional allergens
– CT head, CDU neck
– Ultrasound of the heart (2D, 3D, 4D), Tropon., D dimer
- 24h Holter monitoring
– Thyroid ultrasound, hormones, antibodies
– Abdominal ultrasound with CDU
– X-ray p/c, spirometry
– X-ray of the spine (one region)
– gastroscope. / colonoscopy in OET
– CT with i.v contrast (one region)
– Gynecological examination and PAPA test for women

CIJENA: 1.990 KM

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