General gynecological examination


There is no strictly defined rule when a girl should go for a gynecological examination for the first time, but it is certainly preferable that it be after she gets her first period.
Then it is important that the girl knows how her body works.

The first gynecological examination for girls who are not sexually active is completely painless. The girl's external genitalia are mainly examined for possible anomalies and irregularities, and the girl's stomach is felt.
The examination is no more painful compared to girls who have had sex.

A gynecological examination is not a pleasant examination for a woman or a young girl because it involves an intimate area, but after the conversation, this fear is usually overcome. The gynecologist will ask you about diseases in the family and about all your illnesses or surgeries you have had so far.

The most common questions they will ask are: how old were you when you got your first period, date of your last period, length of menstrual cycle, what contraceptive do you use, have you been pregnant so far, and if so, how was the pregnancy and birth?

The day before you plan to come to your scheduled appointment, do not put vaginal tablets, creams or gels because they can affect the test results and cover up some events.
The interview is followed by an examination, which does not take long and is completely painless with good preparation.
Before entering the office, you need to wet yourself because a full and insufficiently empty bladder makes the examination difficult, uncomfortable and even painful. When you lie down on the gynecological table and put your legs in the legs, you need to spread your legs well and put your hands on your chest.

The speculum, which is introduced into the vagina, enables taking a smear of the cervix using a stick and spatula for a pap test and microbiological evaluation of the vaginal discharge. After the labia are gently loosened, fingers in sterile gloves are inserted into the vagina and the organs are felt.

However, do not forget that the gynecologist has already seen and heard everything long before your arrival in his office, so you should not be ashamed to be honest. By hiding important facts, you can only harm yourself and your health.

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