The most advanced eye exams


At Plava Polyclinic, you can perform OCT of the anterior and posterior segment of the eye, as well as OCT angiography.

OCT or optical coherence tomography is a non-invasive, painless, non-contact examination that does not require any prior preparation of the patient, is also performed on a narrow pupil, and can be repeated several times. The examination is easy to perform and takes about 5 minutes per eye.

OCT is an indispensable diagnostic test for the analysis and monitoring of changes in the eye in the following diseases: Glaucoma, diabetes, thrombosis and other vascular diseases, in case of macular degeneration, and examination is also necessary in many neurological diseases.

OCT A (angiography) performs a detailed analysis of the blood vessels of the eye without injecting contrast into the vein, and is therefore completely safe for the patient. OCT angiography is mandatory before the application of anti-VEGF therapy (avastin, lucentis, eylea), as well as after the therapy to see its effect.

Plava Polyclinic is the first institution in TK to have OCT Angiography.

What are the main features of our device?

– high scanning speed with 3D tracking
– OCT imaging of the fundus (optic nerve, macula)
– OCT of the anterior segment (cornea structure, pachymetry, measurement of the width of the eye angle)
– OCT angiography

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